Studievereniging Icarus

Study association for philosophy at the VU

"Happiness is the highest good."

- Aristotle

About Icarus

The study association Icarus is the community for all philosophy students of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Since more than 15 years we have been a safe place for all who want to connect with fellow students, have a good time together or engage in deep philosophical talks, discussing course content and beyond. Until summer 2020 we have also been the association for students of theology and religious studies who have been a valuable enhancement for us all those years. The lively and open atmosphere at Icarus has been successful in turning groups of students into a community of friends time and again over the course of our existence.
We are determined to keep this spirit alive. Although, the corona crisis has made it much harder to come together in a safe way, we will remain close to each other, while keeping distance. As always we will remain open for everyone who wishes to build valuable connections during their study of philosophy.

Our lovely board members of last year. (2019-2020)

Budget- and policyplan

Dear Icari, the board of 2020-'21 is proud to present our budget- and policy plan of this academic year! If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to tell is.

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Ph:   But Socrates, why would one reach for the sun and become an Icari as well?

So:   καλά αγαπητέ μου φίλ-

Ph:   Socrates, English please...

So:   Oh sorry Phaedrus. Joining Icarus is essential in your path for achieving true wisdom! Not only do you get meet new people and join great philosophy-events, you also get a discount on your study books so your membership will pay for itself!

Ph:   Wow, that's great Socrates! So how do i join?

So:   Well that’s easy. Just download this form, answer it truthfully and send it over to Then pay your yearly membership fee of 15,- euro to NL80 INGB 0004 3928 74 and you’re done!

Ph:   Your wisdom is enlightening Socrates. I’ll join right now!

Do you want to get the most out of your membership and get a discount on al your studybooks? Find more information here!


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